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Somehow, the adult generation believes that the implementation of free time for the computer game does not require much intelligence. And it is not necessary to use these games no logic, no thinking, no attention, nothing should be taken. These games are only destroy the brain and do not give anything useful in life. And adults believe that online game is better to replace reading books, not dumbed down and sit near the monitor. And this opinion is somehow happened in people who are far from modern technology. Any type of persuasion that during the game you can make money, perhaps a useful social circle or there is present an excellent workout for the brain, does not work on these people. There was a very interesting experiment, if you put a man behind the screen with a simple strategy. In which does not need special mental abilities. And believe me, this person would really be degraded from the simplicity of the game. And if you put him in more complex strategy that would make the brain work, logic, and his erudition, he would have quickly became interested in the toy and would change their opinion forever. Strategy is one of the most difficult genres of online games. Moreover, these games have for many years remained a favorite pastime of most players. The first strategy made it possible to create a virtual world of your own little world, which has its own laws of economics and human interaction. Resulting in a very interesting and exciting game that draws its players for a very long time. But online strategy browser game developers today have done even more exciting and addictive. It is in these games, you can arrange a competition between all the players. Moreover, competitions occur in real time. Well, if you really think twice about where to build a fortress, or in what place to locate their troops, the more nimble rivals will destroy you quickly and you will very quickly lose. Everything goes just like in real life. Who used to orient, and that the leaders will be very fast. Today, strategy games are in completely different styles. From the simple and primitive strategies to the new and modern, clever game industry revenue. These games are now possible to load in a regular browser, or using special applications that you can easily download and install on your computer. This does not affect the game in real time. And a very large number of such toys today can be used absolutely free of charge.

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